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If a user wishes to become an administrator, they can apply here.

It is allowed for any user to add comments to the admin-request.

For requests
  • Click the "Create a new request" button below.
  • Fill out the preloaded form with the information requested, using the prompts <formatted like this> as a guide.
  • Feel free to include any other important information you can think of.
For comments by users
  • Please tell us why you would agree / disagree with the promotion of the user. Every comment will be considered.
  • Remember to sign with your username.
Tips for requests

These points are tips for contributors requesting adminship rights. These are not strict requirements, but they will increase the chance of a successful request.

  • Being active on this wiki.
  • Having made multiple useful edits.
  • Having experience on editing wikis.
  • Demonstrating good faith.
  • Demonstrating good English language skills.

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