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About Worms

The Worms Wiki is a wiki dedicated to the Worms series, which are video games starring worms. These games are mostly developed by Team17, while there are some exceptions.

Worms is a turn-based strategy game, where the player should take down the enemy worms by using the available arsenal. The weapons vary from the common Bazooka and Grenade, to the most extraordinary weapons like the Holy Hand Grenade and the Super Sheep.

The main article about Worms and a list of the worms games can be found here!

Featured Article

Worms 3D

Boxshot of Worms 3D.

Worms 3D is an artillery game developed by Team17, most notable for being the first in the worms series to feature 3D gameplay. It features many new weapons as well as old, with some of them having completely new operating methods to suit the new 3D environment. Like previous games in the series, natural factors such as wind and water still affect the gameplay, though the most notable returning feature is the completely destructible landscape, which gives way to many different and unique strategies. In worms 3D, levels typically consist of one or several islands, with varying sizes.

Modes like Campaign and Quick Match return from previous versions. The game also features a multiplayer feature, as well as the ability to edit and create teams. The objective of most of the matches is to eliminate the opposing forces' worms, whereas the Campaign mode gives the player sets of specific goals which he needs to complete. The gameplay itself hasn't changed much from its predecessors, with the exception of the three-dimensional view, which allows the player more freedom, and more possibilities, to complete the task at hand. (more...)

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Featured Image

Repelled Armageddon
The Electromagnet repelling an Armageddon.


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Worms News

  • 08/17/2013 - Worms 3 has been released on iOS!

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