The following is a list of downloadable content in Worms Revolution.

Season Pass

SteamOct 10, 2012$14.99

The Season Pass included all four DLC packs as they became available.

Funfair Pack

SteamOct 24, 2012$4.99
PSNOct 23, 2012$4.99
XBLAOct 24, 2012$4.99
  • 5 new single player puzzle missions.
  • New theme: Funfair
  • 4 weapons: Armageddon, Skunk, Napalm Strike and the new Knock-Out.
  • Funfair-themed customization: 2 new trinkets, 2 new accessories, 1 new gravestone and 1 new soundbank.

Mars Pack

SteamNov 7, 2012$4.99
PSNNov 6, 2012$4.99
XBLANov 7, 2012$4.99

Medieval Tales Pack

SteamNov 21, 2012$4.99
PSNDec 11, 2012$4.99
XBLANov 21, 2012$4.99
  • 10 new single player campaign missions.
  • New theme: Medieval
  • 5 new hats: Hero, Wizard, Peasant, Guard and Executioner
  • 3 new speechbanks: Hero, Hostage and Villain

Customisation Pack

SteamJul 18, 2013$4.99
  • New theme: The Junkyard.
  • 5 new physics objects: Car Battery, Pliers, Toxic Canister, Hot Air Gun and Anti-Freeze.
  • 7 new hats: Bandana, Gear Stick, Tyre, Afro, Flat Cap, Rapper Hat and Backwards Baseball Hat.
  • 7 new trinkets: Saxophone, Spray Can, Lump Hammer, License Plate, Oil Can, Spark Plug and Oversized Clock.
  • 6 new gravestones: Hub Cap, Washing Machine, Gold Record, Headstone with White Rose, Bucket Seat and Trash Can.

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