Worms Revolution includes 34 achievements in the Steam and Xbox 360 versions, 35 trophies in the PlayStation 3 version, and 36 in Worms Revolution Extreme for PlayStation Vita. These do not unlock anything within the game.


Base Game

The base game includes 29 achievements/trophies.

Icon Description Points Trophy
Revo0 Worm Winner
Completed all the single player content (Steam/XBLA)
Earn every trophy. (PSN)
45G Platinum
Revo1 Fast Learner
Show us how quick you learn and complete all the tutorial missions.
10G Bronze
Revo2 The Trooper
Prove you’ve got what it takes and complete all campaign missions.
20G Gold
Revo3 Worminator
War is hell, kill 300 enemy Worms in online matches anyway, anyhow!
20G Silver
Revo4 Social Butterfly
Enjoy the company of 20 others online.
20G Gold
Revo5 Class Act
Get all Worm Classes (4x Scout, 4x Scientist, 4x Heavy).
20G Gold
Revo6 Bug Gulp
Kill 50 Worms by sending them into the drink.
10G Silver
Revo7 Buddy, Buddy
Win 10 allied matches online.
20G Silver
Revo8 Upstairs Wares
Got it upstairs? Show us by completing all the puzzle missions.
20G Gold
Revo9 The Hard One
500 damage, in one turn? Go on then!
10G Silver
Revo10 Wrecking Ball
Smash up one of each type of Physics Object.
15G Silver
Revo11 Glug Glug Glug
Go for a swim... a 5 turn swim.
10G Bronze
Revo12 One for The Money
Start as you mean to go on and complete any single player level.
10G Bronze
Revo13 Scout Killer
Kill 10 enemy Scout Worms in online matches.
10G Silver
Revo14 Soldier Killer
Kill 10 enemy Soldier Worms in online matches.
10G Silver
Revo15 Heavy Killer
Kill 10 enemy Heavy Worms in online matches.
10G Silver
Revo16 Scientist Killer
Kill 10 enemy Scientist Worms in online matches.
10G Silver
Revo17 Squashed!
Kill an enemy Worm through a Physics Object squashing them.
10G Silver
Revo18 Boom Boom
Kill a Worm with an exploding Physics Object.
10G Bronze
Revo19 Home Sweet Home
Enter 10 fort games with the same fort.
10G Bronze
Revo20 Tarzan
Repeat swing on the rope 5 times without touching the ground.
10G Silver
Revo21 Death from Above
Kill a Worm using a weapon whilst on the Parachute.
10G Silver
Revo22 My Gun, My Kill
Kill 10 enemy Worms using a Sentry Gun.
10G Bronze
Revo23 Wormicide
Kill 1000 enemy Worms.
20G Gold
Revo24 Kleptomaniac
Be greedy and collect 100 Weapon or Utility Crates.
10G Bronze
Revo25 Nightingale
Act like Florence and collect 100 Health Crates.
10G Bronze
Revo26 Claymore More
Drop mines like nobody’s business, 50 in fact.
10G Bronze
Buried Treasure
Connect with a friend and unlock a gift in the Treasure area. (Vita only)

Secret Trophies

These achievements/trophies are hidden.

Icon Description Points Trophy
Revo28 Asinus
Use the ultimate weapon, the Concrete Donkey.
10G Bronze
Revo29 How Rude!
Win 5 games killing the last Worm with a Prod.
10G Silver

DLC: Mars Pack

The Mars Pack adds 5 achievements or 6 trophies.

Icon Description Points Trophy
Revo30 Strife On Mars
Complete all the Mars downloadable content single player missions.
10G Silver
Revo31 New Kit
Use the Buffalo, Poison Gun, Lightning and Crate Strike once.
10G Bronze
Revo32 Re-animator
Resurrect at least one worm using the Lightning Strike.
10G Bronze
Revo33 Trampled Upon
Kill at least one Worm using the Buffalo.
10G Bronze
Revo34 Mars Rover
Win at least 5 online games in the Mars theme.
10G Silver
Revo35 Flawless Mission
Complete all five Mars campaigns without losing a single Worm (PSN only)

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