Worms Open Warfare 2 includes a Medal Cabinet, which contains 6 single-player and 6 multiplayer medals. These do not unlock anything within the game.

To see the "Medal Cabinet" subsection, go to the "Options" section.

Medal Cabinet

Single-player Medals

Icon Medal
Awarded for completing all of the Tutorials.
Awarded for completing all of the Puzzles.
Tough Nut
Awarded for completing all of the Campaign missions.
All laboratory tests complete. (DS only)
Record Racing
Awarded for setting high scores for all Time Attack stages. (PSP only)
Big Spender
Awarded for buying everything from The Shop.
100% Complete
Awarded for buying all items from The Shop and completing all single player missions.

Multiplayer Medals

Icon Medal
Awarded for competing in twenty or more games on WormNet.
Winning Streak
Awarded for winning five games in a row on WormNet.
Outstanding Bravery
Awarded for going on to win a deathmatch game on WormNet from a greatly disadvantaged position.
Awarded for completely dominating a deathmatch game on WormNet.
Awarded for killing eight or more worms in a single round on WormNet.
Field Marshall
Awarded for winning twenty or more games on WormNet.

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