Worms Open Warfare
Worms Open Warfare
Developer Team17
Publisher THQ
Platforms Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable
Rating Everyone 10+ (ESRB)

7+ (PEGI)

Genre Turn-based strategy, artillery
Technical Information

Worms Open Warfare is a turn-based strategy artillery game for PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS. It was developed by Team17. It was the first 2D Worms game since Worms World Party five years earlier.

An enhanced version of this game, a remake of the original Worms, was released on Xbox 360 in 2007, and on PlayStation 3 in 2009.

Weapons & Utilities




  • Arctic
  • Hawaii
  • Hell
  • Jungle
  • London
  • Space

Default Teams


  • Marines: Dutch, Blaine, Mac, Dylan
  • Champions: Drago, Clubber, Apollo, Stallion
  • Old Skool: Boggy B, Spadge, Clanger, Fluff
  • Doctors: Foster, Ruth, Watson, Jekyll


  • Clowns: Charlie, Bobo, Harlequin, Coco
  • Rookies: Barnes, Kelly, Hicks, O'Reilly
  • Warlords: Ghengis, Hannibal, Atilla, Ming
  • Hot-Shots: Cassidy, Wyatt, Holliday, Sundance
  • Boffins: Albert, Isaac, Thomas, Leonardo


Worms (series)
2D variants First Generation

Worms (1995)Worms ReinforcementsWorms and Reinforcements UnitedWorms: The Directors Cut

Second Generation

Worms 2Worms ArmageddonWorms World Party (Remastered)
Spin-Offs: Worms PinballWorms Blast Worms Golf

Third Generation

Worms Open WarfareWorms (2007) Worms Open Warfare 2Worms: A Space OddityWorms 2: ArmageddonWorms ReloadedWorms Battle Islands
Spin-Offs: Worms Crazy GolfWorms (Facebook) 

Fourth Generation

Worms RevolutionWorms Clan WarsWorms 3 Worms Battlegrounds Worms W.M.D 

3D variants

Worms 3DWorms Forts: Under SiegeWorms 4: MayhemWorms: Ultimate Mayhem
Spin-Offs: Worms Battle Rally (cancelled)

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