This is a page about all the weapons in Worms Forts: Under Siege.

Animal family

50 Stone Canary

Weap anim 1

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well actually you were right the first time - it's a bird and a very big one at that! Watch him slowly make his way over to the enemy base and hear the cries of, "Aw, isn't he cute..." as he literally explodes in their faces.

Weap anim 2
Old Lady

The Old Lady has been revamped complete with a kimono and new abilities! She can now be controlled, made to jump and also explode on demand! Be aware of her 30 second self-destruct timer though!


Weap anim 3

A deadly animal to have in your arsenal! The Rhino is a multiple hit weapon and is most effective when fired directly into the centre of your enemy's base... Get him there by jumping and steering him if necessary, then just sit back and watch him ground and pound everything into oblivion!

Weap anim 4
Super Hippo

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it the 50 Stone Canary? No! It's actually a Hippo and he's coming towards you on a rocket at supersonic speed! Steer this big oaf into the enemy's base and watch him do the rest.

Bazooka Family


Weap bazo 1

As one of the most trusted weapons in "Worms" - the Bazooka can be useful when used from any distance. It is readily available as a handheld weapon which means that no building is required to use it. However, the Bazooka is merely a thorn in the side when used to attack buildings, doing very little damage, so save it to wreak havoc on the enemy worms themselves!

Weap bazo 2

The Mortar is an instant fire weapon. Be sure to compensate for gravity, and try and aim at the base of a building to inflict the most damage.

Small Catapult

Weap bazo 3

Small as it is, the projectiles of this weapon explode, inflicting cluster damage and leaving a patch of fire behind... A nasty combination! Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?.

Weap bazo 4
Homing Pigeon

Ah yes, the Homing Pigeon. Not the brightest animal in the world but he gets the job done. Just aim and shoot at where you want it to go. A word of warning though - he doesn't always take a direct route to the target so make sure he doesn't come back at you!

Rocket Launcher

Weap bazo 5

The Rocket Launcher has the ability to decimate Castles and Citadels with a series of rockets launched from a truly massive pipe organ. Powered like the Bazooka, the Rockets sometimes lack accuracy, but the large scale destruction left behind more than compensates for this!

Grenade family

Weap gren 1


The Grenade is much like the Bazooka in terms of taking down buildings... in other words, not very good. It's much better used as an offensive weapon against enemy worms.

Cluster launcher

Weap gren 2

The Cluster Launcher may have a weak impact explosion but it has a good spread of cluster bombs, these are deadly when in an enclosed area. Fire in the hole!

Weap gren 3
Fridge Launcher

Fired from a large catapult, the Fridge is a hefty weapon with a large explosion. Secondary clusters of refrigerated goodies are thrown from the initial explosion and cause some serious damage! Stand well back and try and get the Fridge in the middle of a group of buildings if you can.


Weap gren 4

The Trebuchet consists of one angry looking moose in a massive catapult that causes equally massive damage. Owing to a relatively unpredictable bounce, the moose may take some time to master.

Strike family

Weap stri 1

Air Strike

A great weapon for attacking a bunch of enemy worms. Not very effective when used on buildings, but it could be worth a go against exposed enemies as it attacks a larger area than most of the other weapons.

Napalm Strike

Weap stri 2

The Napalm Strike is very effective and reasonably easy to use if you account for the wind... a great combination!

Weap stri 3
Mine Strike

A set of 5 mines deployed by air assault with amazing destructive capabilities! Watch your enemies panic as the mines rain down. They won't detonate unless a worm walks near them so be careful where you walk and build!

Animal Strike

Weap stri 4

A set of 5 animals deployed by air; the Animal Strike is not to be taken lightly. Each animal has a massive blast radius and in the right hands, the damage inflicted can be irreparable. The animals can bounce in an unpredictable manner so it's best to aim for the centre of the base where they can't escape!

Weap stri 5
Trojan Donkey

The Trojan Donkey falls from the skies above. Once dropped there's the question of when it will explode... this turn? Maybe next...? Reports tell of massive damage being inflicted, but when... Well, you'll just have to wait to find out I guess.

God Powers

Electrical Storm

Weap godp 1

Call upon the Electrical Storm and it will drop a selection of modern day electrical appliances over enemy buildings! Most useful when enemy worms are at low health as it's a quick way to finish them off!

Weap godp 2


This causes the landscape to shake from side to side for a few seconds, making worms slide around, sometimes into danger or, if you're unlucky, off the edge of the land altogether! The Earthquake will also make all other objects on the land slide around: Crates, Oil Drums and Mines, and inflict a small amount of damage on all buildings.


Weap godp 3

This weapon will temporarily raise the water levels and washes away those not stood on higher grounds!

Weap godp 4
Nuclear Strike

The Nuclear Strike will poison your enemies worms and deplete their health after every turn. The only cure here is a health crate. Someone call for a doctor!


Weap godp 5

The mightiest strike weapon in your arsenal! This weapon-to-end-all-weapons sends huge meteors crashing down onto the landscape causing massive destruction. Just make sure you're not the victim of your own weapon!

Point and Shoot family

Weap poin 1


The Ballista is an instant fire weapon with two shots to use. The arrows travel in a straight line, so a line of sight is needed in order to hit the enemy. Very useful for damaging Towers and Worms, this is the less powerful version of the Giant Crossbow. Remember that the arrows are affected slightly by wind.


Weap poin 2

A high-powered automatic gun with high damage and a sustained attack. It has the ability to reduce Towers and Keeps to nothing more than piles of bricks and rubble in a couple of shots... it's only problem is keeping it on target... that's some recoil!

Weap poin 3
Giant Crossbow

The Giant Crossbow fires a single round of projectiles directly at the enemy. It has a wide arc of fire but is a highly destructive weapon nonetheless. It is also known in ancient Worm mythology as 'Point-and-shoot-death.' I wonder why...?

Giant Laser

Weap poin 4

Powerful enough to carve a hole in the side of even a Citadel, the Giant Laser can take out several smaller buildings in one turn or cause massive damage to Citadels and Strongholds. Simply point and shoot!

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