Worms Clan Wars includes 14 Steam achievements. These achievements do not unlock anything within the game.


Icon Achievement
ClanWars Tara's in a Pinkle Tara's in a Pinkle
Complete "The Mission Before Time"
ClanWars Group Up Group Up
Complete "Meat In The Middle"
ClanWars High and Dry High and Dry
Complete "Worm On Trap"
ClanWars Not Again Not Again...
Complete "The Class Act"
ClanWars Temple Terror Temple Terror
Complete "Fugu Fountain"
ClanWars Mesmerised Mesmerised
Defeat the evil Lord Mesmer
ClanWars Worm for the Job Worm for the Job
Complete all Worm Ops missions
ClanWars Liking the Taste Liking the Taste
Kill a total of 10 enemy worms
ClanWars Very Moreish Very Moreish
Kill a total of 100 enemy worms
ClanWars Man v Worms Man v. Worms
Kill a total of 300 enemy worms
ClanWars Best Clan Ever Best. Clan. Ever.
Create your own clan, complete with emblem
ClanWars Confidence Boost Confidence Boost
Win a ranked Clan Match
ClanWars Sitting Pretty Sitting Pretty
Fully customise your worms
ClanWars Show-Off Show-Off
Complete a multiplayer match using your personally created landscape

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