Worms Breakout Logo

Worms Breakout logo.

Worms Breakout is a fan-game, meaning that it isn't actually part of the Worms series, and is therefore non-canon. It was developed by Brusi Productions, a group of independent game developers who develop their new games with flash technology. Worms Breakout is a "breakout game" where the player's goal in each level is to break all the bricks using a Worm to fire weapons at the bricks. The game is free, and can be downloaded from the Worms Armageddon official website. Click here to download the game, or for more information about the game.

Worms Breakout 2

Worms Breakout 2 Logo

Worms Breakout 2 logo.

There is also a sequel to Worms Breakout, named Worms Breakout 2. It has similar game-play to that of Worms Breakout, but has some new features, weapons, and also Worms Blast-like backgrounds.


  • These two games are most likely based on Worms Blast.
  • The graphics in the games are the same as Worms Armageddon's graphics (the Worm design, weapon design, and water appearance).


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