Here is a list of enemy teams which appear in Worms 4: Mayhem and Worms: Ultimate Mayhem.

Ali Baboon

See: Ali Baboon

Baboon's Goons

Baboon's Goons is a recurring enemy team appearing in "Turkish Delights" to "Carpet Capers".

Crazy Knights

Crazy Knights is an enemy team found in "Joust About It".

The team does not appear once, but as three waves (via classes) instead. The first two waves look the same but have a different set of weapons and different amounts of health, while the final wave has a different appearance, different weapon set, and the highest health.


Rent-A-Bill is an enemy team found in "Building Site Saboteurs".



Head: Army General
Speechbank: English Bobby
Team Flag: Police

After blowing the diggers up, the team arrives to stop the player. The team consists of two Worms with 20 HP each, both easy to kill.

The Posse

The Posse is an enemy team found in "Tin Can Wally".

The Posse


Head: Cowboy Red
Face: Uncle White
Hands: Cowboy Black
Speechbank: Cowboy

They appear in two parts - the shootout and the fight. Both of these parts have the same inventory. Tin Can Wally has 100 HP in the shootout, while his team in the fight have 25 HP.

They Live

They Live is the enemy team in "Ghost Hill Graveyard". These Worms are believed to be undead according to Professor Worminkle on Page 12.

They Live


Head: Wormenstein

They Live do not appear once, but as four waves instead. They are:

  • First Wave:
    • Etheral Eggett - 25 HP
  • Second Wave:
    • Cursed Kilburn - 50 HP
    • Decomposing Dimond - 75 HP
  • Third Wave:
    • Dead Dead Dunstan - 100 HP
    • Deathwish Dennis - 100 HP
    • Eaten Alive Aston - 100 HP
  • Fourth Wave:
    • Braindead Brucie - 100 HP
    • Deceased Defcon - 100 HP
    • Juddering Jax - 125 HP
    • Vacant Varley - 100 HP


The Worms of They Live may Fire PunchProd, or use Dynamite if they get near the player's Worm, or use a GrenadeCluster Bomb or Bazooka for long-range distances.


  • The name They Live is oddly enough the truth that the ghosts are real, however this is not confirmed.
  • Their traits are similar to The Undead in "High Stakes" and is also related to their cousin teams, The Old Guys and The Hard Lads (both returning in Worms: Ultimate Mayhem).
  • They Live is the only team that cannot jump if something blocks their way.

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