Ice, Ice Maybe
Mission Type Navigation
Difficulty Easy
Number of Friendly Worms 1
Number of Enemy Worms 1
Landscape Arctic
Enemy Teams Boggy Pete
Reward None
Bought in Shop? No
Game Worms 3D
Ice, Ice Maybe is the fifth mission of the campaign in Worms 3D.


Boggy Pete has carved a huge pool of freezing water in the middle of an island. After a certain amount of time, a plane flies over and drops sheep into the pool. Your goal is to make your way around the island, and turn off the switch that connects to the pipe to freeze over the pool and save the sheep.

You'll have to move quickly, because if too many sheep die, you will fail the mission. You will need to collect girders and freeze utilities in order to cross gaps and protect yourself. Boggy himself will be sitting atop of a huge icicle and will lob grenades at you in order to stop you from reaching the switch. You cannot attack Boggy, nor do you have any weaponry whatsoever. This mission can be quite tricky due to some obstacles being tough to get over and the fall damage you can sustain. Be sure to cover a lot of ground in each turn, as every time your turn ends, the plane will fly over.

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