Hook, Line and Skimmer
Difficulty Very Hard
Number of Friendly Worms 2
Number of Enemy Worms 4
Landscape Pirate
Enemy Teams The Evil Ones
Reward N/A
Bought in Shop? No
Game Worms 3D

Hook, Line and Skimmer is the twenty sixth mission of the campaign in Worms 3D and it's HD remake, Worms: Ultimate Mayhem.


You and another worm start out on an island, and you must shoot down 4 worms on the opposite islands, including the infamous Pinkbeard. It may seem easy, but it becomes hard once you realize that there are strong winds blowing your way, making almost every shot fly off into another direction. You must work around this and find the best angle to fire your bazooka at the enemy. On each island, there are explosive barrels, so no matter what part of the island you hit, it will blow up. To make things worse, the enemy worms have amazing accuracy and will hit you most of the time. Even worse is the time limit, which is only around five minutes.

Tips and tricks

  1. The enemy closest to the left is inside a huge blimp, making him the easiest target to aim for.