Grave Danger is the third mission of the campaign in Worms 3D.


Your goal is to move around a grave yard, planting Grenades onto deathbeds in order to recover health for your worm. Failure to bomb the right grave, and you'll end up being cursed. Your only weapon is the Grenade. There aren't any enemy worms present in this mission, and the level is pretty easy.

Tips and tricks

  1. On top of the headstones of each grave you will see things like wings or horns. This will indicate which grave is good or bad.

2. It is possible to blow up a bunch of graves at once instead of waiting turns.


  • From your starting point, go over the bridge and behind the church, then take a grenade and plant it on the small patch of soil on the ground. Once it blows up, go inside the hole and you will uncover an easter egg.
  • The text at the top of the screen once you pick up a crate usually states 'It's not a spade, but it might work!'.
Grave Danger

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Mission Difficulty


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