Down in The Dumps is the second training mission in Worms 3D.

Down in The Dumps
Mission Type Target Practice
Difficulty Easy
Number of Friendly Worms 1
Number of Enemy Worms 7
Landscape England
Enemy Teams Whipping Boys
Bought in Shop? No
Game Worms 3D


The last mission focused on movement and target practice, but now you will be up against a few live targets as you learn how to attack enemies. The map consists of two islands. You'll be on one, killing enemies that are on the other. Wind will play a part during the mission, as you will be throwing Grenades. As you'd expect, grenades can easily be knocked off course with heavy gusts. You'll also learn about setting the fuse time for explosives. You start off by using the Dynamite on the enemy next to you, then you'll be lobbing grenades over the Water, and you'll eventually be tossing Cluster Bombs too. Once you've wiped out all the enemy worms, the victory will be yours.

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