The base on the Wormaha Beach.

D-Day is a mission in Worms 3D. It later reappeared in Worms: Ultimate Mayhem.


The player's goal is simply to eliminate the opposing team. They start by the deployments boats and make their way to the enemy base. The enemy will be using the Cluster Bomb. After reaching the front base, they have to Jet Pack their way up to the entrenched sandbags. Finishing off the enemies will accomplish the mission.


  • Make sure you acquire the reinforcement Crate containing the Air Strike. Once you have taken out 2 enemy Worms on one side either by ground or upper hills, call the Air Strike on the other side of the base containing the other Worms for a massive effectiveness, but don't let your Worms get near your targets.
  • Watch out for Minefield as you approach the skull sign, if your Worm ends the turn here, it'd be in trouble if the enemy has a chance to hit it towards a Mine and explode.


  • Small battleships are seen far away, and the player can reach them, but they're not solid.
  • This was a pun that the World War II Omaha Beach assault occurred in June 1944.
  • There are Machine Guns inside the upper bunker. Unfortunately, they are unusable, merely added for aesthetic purposes.
  • In Worms: Ultimate Mayhem, the ground is much more slippery than in Worms 3D, so climbing up tends to be more difficult.

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