Crate Britain is the second mission in the campaign of Worms 3D. Your objective is to kill any enemy Worms that stand in your way and make it to Boggy Pete in order to steal his Jet Pack and collect the utility on the other island.


You and another Worm start at the vegetable patch, and you must make your way over the bridge where you will find some enemy Worms. After you kill them, you will need to cross a broken bridge across some water. You will notice that Boggy Pete is on the roof of his house, making him quite an easy target to defeat. Once you kill him, you can focus on getting the Jet Pack and flying over to the opposite island.


  • This is the first time in the game that Boggy Pete shows up.
  • Even though you kill Boggy Pete in this mission, he reappears in the later levels.
  • The name of the mission is a pun on "Great Britain".
  • Although it is only the second level, it can be quite tricky for new players due to the limited amount of weapons and utilities.

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