Atlantis Training Facility is the first training mission in Worms 3D.

Atlantis Training Facility
Mission Type Navigation
Difficulty Very Easy
Number of Friendly Worms 1
Number of Enemy Worms 0
Landscape Pirate
Bought in Shop? No
Game Worms 3D


The whole mission teaches you some of the basics of the game. You're told to move around the area to collect health crates that are on the ground. After that, you need to acquire the next health crates by jumping up to them. After you get those ones, a target will appear on the far away island. Equip your Bazooka and shoot at it. Another target will appear, shoot it and so on. Once you complete this, head over to the sea plane and you'll complete the first part of the tutorial.


  • There's a hidden secret in this level. When you are told to go to the plane, jump down and go inside the alcove inside the wall. Once you're there, you will see a large chest full of gold, and a message telling you that you have uncovered an easter egg.
  • The name 'Atlantis' is the name of the supposedly sunken city of Atlantis.

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