Cheats are a game mechanism included in Worms 2. Most of the cheats will later be implemented as official features in subsequent 2nd generation games, while some of them were made just for fun.

In-game cheats

These cheats can be activated in a local multiplayer game (not in a network session). To use them, type down the commands once the time starts ticking (asterisks included), and press backspace to activate.

  • **supershopper** - Spawns a large number of crates, each one containing a superweapon.
  • **godmode** - Makes all Worms on the landscape (including enemy's) invincible. A God Mode Worm can only be killed by drowning.
  • **backflip** - Activates backflip (used by double-tapping backspace).
  • **redblood** - Activates blood effect when a Worm is attacked.
  • **highjump** - Multiplies the height of Worms' jumps.
  • **suicidebomber** - Replaces Kamikaze with the Suicide Bomber, although the Kamikaze icon in the inventory does not change.
  • **Sheepheaven** - Destroyed Crates will always spawn a Sheep, extends the Super Sheep time, and all Crates will contain Sheep-related weapons.

Terrain editor cheats

These cheats can be activated by typing them whilst in the terrain editor (case sensitive).

  • OSSETT - Makes it possible to play on some of the original Worms levels.
  • OnDeadlyGround - Causes Oil Drums to spawn all over the landscape.

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