DesktopIconWormsDCWorms: The Directors Cut
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Developer Team17
Publisher Ocean
Platforms Amiga Advanced Graphics Architecture
Rating 3+ (ELSPA)
Genre Turn-based strategy, artillery
Technical Information

Worms: The Directors Cut is the largest and final expansion pack of the original Worms game. It was released exclusively to the Amiga console, and was largely built upon the original Amiga game engine. The game was updated with various enhancements, additions and tweaks. It sold only 5,000 copies, but was still well received by fans.

Differences from the Original

Worms: The Directors Cut enhanced the engine, graphics and game-play of the original Worms, including weapons and abilities now taken for granted such as the Holy Hand Grenade, and the Worms now have the ability to do a back-flip. These include:

  • Over 300 colours on-screen including 70 sky and 40 water colours.
  • Super-smooth quarter pixel scrolling.
  • 9 level parallax scrolling (including 2 layers of mountains).
  • 14 new weapons - Holy Hand Grenade, Mad CowsSuper Bat Rope, etc.
  • Level editor for Workbench.
  • New level types/custom levels.
  • Wormbench - Themes for customising Workbench.
  • DIY Landscape - Draw your own or alter standard graphics.
  • Graffiti Mode - Worms inbuilt level editor, unlimited level design.
  • Cavern Levels - Put a roof on backgrounds.

Weapons & Utilities

Weapons in bold text are new to Worms: The Directors Cut.


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