Wormpot (Worms World Party)

The Wormpot in Worms World Party, highlighted on the bottom left.

Wormpot is a feature that first appeared in Worms World Party, and last appeared in Worms: Ultimate Mayhem. The Wormpot is a sort of slot machine that allows you to change the game-play. In Worms World Party, there are three boxes shown at the bottom left of the screen while creating a game, which is the Wormpot. Despite being a slot machine, it looked almost nothing like one, since it was simply three boxes comprised of pictures. In Worms 3D, Worms Forts: Under Siege, Worms 4: Mayhem, and Worms: Ultimate Mayhem, the Wormpot looked much more like an actual slot machine than the original Wormpot in Worms World Party.

The Wormpot allows the player to select up to 3 modes of game-play. It has three reels, and each reel can have a special game mode, akin to the Cheats in Worms 2 and Worms Armageddon. Every game including Wormpot (except Worms World Party) also includes a way to randomise the options (similarly to a real-life gambling machine), and all of them allow for each reel to be adjusted individually. For some reason, the Dreamcast version of Worms World Party omits the Wormpot entirely.

Wormpot in Worms World Party

Icon Name Description Reels #
Points for weapons mode Each team starts with the weapons they set on their team options for the "Points for weapons mode". The ones you collect from Crates will be unaffected. 1
All Crates contain Sheep If you blow up a Crate, a Sheep will jump out of it and blow up. All
Super Sheep = Aqua Sheep All the Super Sheep you start with are replaced with Aqua Sheep (can move underwater). All
Enable blood effects The Worms bleed (it's not as nasty as you think, the pink liquid that the Worms emit when they are attacked is simply recolored red). All
God mode All Worms have infinite health, so they can only be killed by drowning. 1
High damage unarmed combat Doubles the damage of unarmed combat weapons (Fire PunchDragon BallKamikazeProd). All
High damage firearms Doubles the damage and explosion of firearms (ShotgunUziHandgunMinigun), as well as upgrading the Shotgun (4 shots/turn instead of 2) and Longbow (50 damage instead of 15 damage). All
High damage animals Doubles the damage and explosion of animal weapons (all Sheep weapons, SkunkMole Bomb, Mad CowsHoming Pigeon). All
High damage clusters Doubles the damage of cluster weapons (Air Strike, clusters of Cluster BombBanana Bomb, Mortar). All
High damage engineers Doubles the damage of engineering weapons (BlowtorchPneumatic Drill) and the time they last. All
High damage fire weapons Doubles the damage of fire weapons (Flame ThrowerPetrol BombNapalm Strike), the time they last and the fire radius. All
Super Rope mode Doubles the size of the Ninja Rope, and increases the angle to -45º. All
High damage explosives Doubles the damage and explosion of explosives (DynamiteMine). All
Specialist Worm mode Each Worm in a team can only use a certain group of weapons (Worm 1 - F1/F2 weapons, Worm 2 - F3/F4 weapons, Worm 3 - F5/F6/F7/F8 weapons, Worm 4 - F1/F2 weapons, etc.). 1
No Retreat Time There's no Retreat Time after using a weapon and no Surrender. All
Double strength Health Crates Doubles the amount of health a Health Crate would give you (set on the game options). All
Wind affects most weapons Mortars and all the Grenades are affected by the wind. All
Energy or enemy All the Worms in the game start sick, losing an increasing amount of health (1st turn - 2, 2nd turn - 4, 3rd turn - 6, etc.). 1
Slippy mode Decreases the terrain friction (terrain is more slippery). 2
Sticky mode Increases the terrain friction (terrain is more sticky). 2
Stay away from the edge An Earthquake occurs before every turn. All
Fort mode Each team starts with the fort they selected in their team options. Only the first two teams' forts are used. Perfect for fort games. All
Falling really hurts, be careful out there Heavily increases fall damage. All
On the Moon mode Low Gravity is always in effect. 2
David and Goliath mode The first Worm of each team (aka captain of the team) removes half the health of each team member and adds it to its own. 2
No weapons, Crates only You start only with infinite Teleports, and Crate Shower is always in effect. 1
One shot, one kill All Worms start with 1 health point. 2
Double Damage mode Double Damage is always in effect. All
Crates, Crates and even more Crates Crate Shower is always in effect. All
Using a weapon doesn't end your turn mode Using a weapon doesn't end your turn. Turn Time is set to 10 seconds. 1, 3
Extra powered unarmed combat Doubles the power of unarmed combat weapons (Fire Punch, Dragon Ball, Kamikaze, Prod). All
Extra powered animals Doubles the power of animal weapons (all Sheep weapons, Skunk, Mole Bomb, Mad Cow, Homing Pigeon). All
Extra powered clusters Doubles the power of cluster weapons (Air Strike, clusters of Cluster Bomb, Banana Bomb, Mortar). All
Extra powered fire weapons Doubles the power of fire weapons (Flame Thrower, Petrol Bomb, Napalm Strike). All
Extra powered explosives Doubles the power of explosives (Dynamite, Mine). All
Everything you wanted to know about the contents of that Crate Crate Spy is always in effect. 3
Twice the clusters Doubles the amount of clusters released by cluster weapons (Cluster Bomb, Banana Bomb, Mortar). 3
Guess my special weapon Dropped during development, although its icon is still included with the game. None
Hand to hand Dropped during development, although its icon is still included with the game. None


  • In Worms Forts: Under Siege, it is renamed "Fortpot". Some extra settings based on the Forts are added.
  • The name "Wormpot" is supposed to be a wordplay on "jackpot".


This article incorporates text from Wormpot on Worms Knowledge Base, which is under GNU Free Documentation License 1.2.

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