Concept art

Worm Charm is an item you can drop without spending your turn. So far it has only appeared in Worms Clan Wars and Worms Battlegrounds. It will heal every Worm (friend or enemy) with 1 HP every turn. It will also increase the damage output of anyone who fires from within the Worm Charm's range. If you convert a "Lucky" Worm Charm to an "Unlucky" Worm Charm (can also be done with Lightning Strike), it'll decrease all damage from weapons and remove one health point from anyone within its range.

Tips & Tricks

  • The increase of damage couples well with the Sentry Gun as it does 50 shots all doing one damage, with the Worm Charm, it does 50 shots dealing 3 damage each, totaling 150 damage.


  • A Sentry Gun within the range of the Worm Charm will do 150 damage instead of 50, which is a much bigger damage boost than the other weapons (possibly a bug).

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