N/A (Special Building)


500 HP

Resources required to build


Number of victory locations





As victory condition

The Wonder is a building in Worms Forts: Under Siege. Like the HospitalWeapon Factory, and Science Lab, it is a Special Building, which is different from the normal siege buildings in the game (TowerKeepCastleCitadel). The Wonder is strong, but defenseless, and is only used as it allows the player who built it to win in two turns (unless it is demolished). Also, while the player uses the Freeze tool, the Wonder is not affected and remains defenseless. Once deployed, it cannot be moved or removed Wonders are giant statues of a Worm, and the Worm's equipment and pose depend on the current Theme. A Wonder must be built in some missions in order to clear the mission. You can also win multiplayer missions if you manage to keep your Wonder in place long enough. Just like the other buildings, the Wonder comes in different varieties, like Greek, Egyptian, Medievel and Oriental.


  • Freeze doesn't affect the Wonder. This is to prevent easy wins when the player has the Wonder and has 2 Freeze tools or 1 more turn left.
  • When two or more teams have Wonder, they cancel each other out. When the Wonder of the other team(s) are destroyed, theres a two turn resets to let the other teams destroy the Wonder, (this is to prevent an instant win for the other team if their wonder was left alive).
  • The two turn timer works based on how many turns have to be done when all teams are still participating in the match. This means that if there are only 2 teams left alive, but on the beginning of the round their were 4, the winning turn will be 8 turns rather than 4.


  • CPUs never focus on destroying an enemy Wonder, allowing a easy win against them if it's built.
  • Sometimes when a Wonder is built in a place where a Worm is positioned, the Worm could get stuck inside the Wonder's "hat".


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