Weapon Factory


N/A (Special Building)


Weak (50 HP)

Resources required to build


Number of victory locations





Generates weapon crates basing on its condition.

The Weapon Factory is a building which appears in Worms Forts: Under Siege. Like the HospitalScience Lab, and Wonder, it is a Special Building, which is different from the normal siege buildings in the game (TowerKeepCastleCitadel). The Weapon Factory is weak, defenseless, and has half the strength of the Tower. However, it can generate weapon crates, making it invaluable in long games. Once deployed, it cannot be moved or removed.

Just like the other buildings, the Weapon Factory comes in different varieties, like Greek, Egyptian, Medieval and Oriental.

It will spawn 3 weapon crates every turn if it's at good condition, less HP equals less amount of crates spawned.


  • If crates spawns near each other they will "collide" with each other making them spin and land in a weird way.
    • If you have crate spy, the crates won't have the names above them and instead be in different places of the map or just disappeared into the building, which can cause problems for detecting the crate you want to collect.
    • They can also, but rarely, collide with crates which normally spawn (like the Building Crates or Health Crates), also making it spin and lay in unusual ways, just like with crates from Weapon Factory

Fortpedia entry

The Weapon Factory provides ammunition for your empire. Once you've built one of these, weapon crates will appear around it after every turn... Just be sure to pick them up yourself and not leave them for some other light-fingered worm to steal! You'll need to own 3 Victory Locations in order to construct a Weapon Factory.


  • The medieval Weapon Factory and Science Lab are the only buildings which aren't team coloured, therefore if they don't possess team-coloured connection to them, it is hard to distinguish their affiliation.