The Wall (which is sometimes called the connector) is a type of connector starring in Worms Forts: Under Siege which you can not build, it builds automatically when one building is connecting to the other.

It doesn't have any use other then for getting on friendly buildings and planning on what enemy building you want to destroy to demolish the enemy's other buildings. But they can offer some cover for your worms.


  • In development, the Wall (and a few other buildings that were scrapped) were possible to build.
    • It was probably scrapped due to idea with automatic attachment.
  • When the buildings get destroyed, the walls "burrow" into the ground, also sometimes changing the colour from the team whoever built it, into a "neutral" color while doing so.
  • Due to certain parts of the terrain, sometimes parts of wall can be in another position than rest of wall or in the terrain.
  • Lighthouses never connect with walls when next to each other.


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