Nice to Siege You is a Worms 4: Mayhem tenth mission in the story, and the last mission in the Camelot Chapter, in this Mission, where Prof Worminkle is Fixing his Time Machine. Your Team Need to protect him for 15 minutes. the enemy that will charge you are the Infantry,Archers, and Caltapult Worms. even if they're been killed. they're will back until the time has running out.

Tips and Tricks

  • Better to use the grenades than the bazookas. because the bazookas are in limited (15 rounds).
  • Always kill the Catapult Worms First. They will attack You with the Caltapults.


  • The map is a parody of "Siege of Helms Deep" in the Lords of the Rings. but it has a smaller size, and the second entrance is missing.
  • The Caltapults Missile trails are similar to bazookas. Only, it has more fire than the smoke, and its damage is pretty strong.

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