Ghost Hill Graveyard is the twelfth mission in Worms 4: Mayhem and the second mission of the Wild West chapter.

Ghost Hill Graveyard

Mission Type

Wild West

Mission Difficulty

No information

Number of Friendly Worms


Number of Enemy Worms



Wild West/Ghost Hill Graveyard

Enemy Team(s)

They Live


20 Coins and Ghost Hill Graveyard (landscape)

Bought In Shop?



Worms 4 Mayhem

Map Overview

Ghost Hill Graveyard is made up of two islands, mainly with a small river passing underneath a steel-wooden bridge linked up high.


'Rumor has it that Boggy the Kid hides some of his gold in the graves of the worms he has killed. Oooh... creepy! Take a look around this graveyard and see what you can find. Try not to disturb any of the graves though, the guys buried here will not take kindly to being disturbed!'

Mission Objectives

  • Collect all the gold pieces.
  • Kill any ghost worms that may appear...


Step 1: When you grab the first nugget, Fire Punch the first worm when it appears.

Step 2: When you grab the second nugget, use a Dynamite (total downwards aiming) and kill both of the worms in between you in one shot. This is hard to get right, but possible.

Step 3: Grab the third nugget, and use as precise aiming as you can to try to knock all three worms into the water. To get back up, go to the right-hand side and follow the beach around.

Step 4: Grab the last nugget and try to sink each worm with a good Bazooka shot. (Note that sometimes your enemy will Skip Go if you are in that little hole with the orange coffin.) Once all of the worms are dead, the mission is over.


  • In the multiplayer map, the first grave near the start and a fan which is near to one of the Health Crates is missing.
  • The map has 11 graves but in the multiplayer map there are 10.
  • The name is a reference of Ghost Hill Cemetery or Skinners Eddy in USA.
  • The map is similar to Grave Danger from both Worms 3D and Worms: Ultimate Mayhem, in which the level appears as well.
  • The worms in the mission 'High stakes' from Worms 3D are re-used for this mission.