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  • TheShadowAssassin

    I didn't notice this until the other day when I tried to play Worms: Battle Islands online...

    Apparently, the Worms franchise has had their games' online be supported by GameSpy. However, if you aren't aware, GameSpy shut down on May 31st, 2014. This caused all games that used GameSpy as their online multiplayer client to close their online, including the Worms franchise (assuming that all other Worms games besides Battle Islands use GameSpy as their online client).

    Sorry, guys.. :/

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  • TheShadowAssassin

    I own a PSP and play lots of games on it. Patapon, SOCOM, Split/Second, Monster Hunter, and also, Worms: Battle Islands; however, it is a shame because Worms is tremendously fun online, but nobody ever plays it anymore! So, I was wondering if some of you here own it and still play it. I'm looking to start setting up scheduled matches that we can all participate in. It would be fun! But first and foremost, I have to find the peole that will play. So, do any of you play Worms: Battle Islands still?

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