• Snooper123

    Dear Team17

    June 8, 2012 by Snooper123

    Dear Team17 this is what we would love to see in the next worms games:

    Not only all the weapons from past games but alo new weapons such as

    Suggestions needed...

    All the customization that is in Worms4Mayhem and more

    • Fire (like napalm strike)
    • Melee/Hand to Hand weapons
    • Sugestions needed...

    The 2D games are good but we haven't had a 3D one for a while so i think that we should have one of those but any 2D games are cool anyway.

    Suggestions needed...

    Please post all your ideas in the comments section, as you can see we need lots of suggestions. Make sure your posts aren't too farfetched because otherwise they won't be put into the game. Thanks.

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