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Medieval Tower




100 HP

Resources required to build


Number of victory locations





To use Tier 2 weaponry

The Tower is a building in Worms Forts: Under Siege. It is the weakest and smallest type of siege building which is used to fire Tier 2 weaponry. It is the first building to be constructed by the player after the Stronghold.


While the smallest, buildable, structure in the game, the Tower is also the weakest; taking only 5-6 Ballista hits before destruction. It is also the most readily available building to begin with, requiring only 1 Victory point (Which is usually available if the team's stronghold is already erected at a default location)

Despite its fragile state, it presents quite a small target and even the humble Grenade barely damages it.


Due to its availability and that you can build near-infinite number of towers; Towers can be used to aggressively dominate the map: reaching areas of advantageous sight lines or to get to nearby Victory Point Locations within the map.

They can also be used as a makeshift meat-shield for vulnerable buildings: like the Science Lab and Weapon Factory.

Bear in mind when depending on towers, just to form a line of towers, or to link bigger buildings to the Stronghold as your defenses can immediately collapse when an exposed tower weak spot is exploited, and destroyed.


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