"Did you know, the Falagoogoo Pygmies had one word for the Gorgon Pot. Tara Pinkie? It was 'Gribbo.' But, they had more than 300 for 'You have failed us Tara Pinkie, we are dying', one of which was 'Aaaagggh'. Ooh, my butler air-dropped a back up worm into this exhibit. Several actually. Then he remembered to give one a parachute. So there's one living back up worm in here somewhere."
—Mission Description [src]

The Philosoraptor is the third mission in Worms Battlegrounds.


In the mission, the player must kill enemy worms while learning to use a Parachute, a Teleport Gun, and a Jetpack. This is also the first time in the game that the player comes up against Mines.

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