The Full Wormage

The Full Wormage is a game pack collection of a compilation, which contains 3 games. All games are on 3 CD's, they are together in a very unusual box. While the height and width is like a usual box, the depth is about the double size of a normal box.

The following games are included:

Worms & Reinforcements United is a compilation itself, which contains these two games:


  • The Full Wormage game pack collection has the most games in a game pack.
  • The Full Wormage is the only game pack that has a compilation in it.
Worms (series)
2D variants First Generation

Worms (1995)Worms ReinforcementsWorms and Reinforcements UnitedWorms: The Directors Cut

Second Generation

Worms 2Worms ArmageddonWorms World Party (Remastered)
Spin-Offs: Worms PinballWorms Blast Worms Golf

Third Generation

Worms Open WarfareWorms (2007) Worms Open Warfare 2Worms: A Space OddityWorms 2: ArmageddonWorms ReloadedWorms Battle Islands
Spin-Offs: Worms Crazy GolfWorms (Facebook) 

Fourth Generation

Worms RevolutionWorms Clan WarsWorms 3 Worms Battlegrounds Worms W.M.D 

3D variants

Worms 3DWorms Forts: Under SiegeWorms 4: MayhemWorms: Ultimate Mayhem
Spin-Offs: Worms Battle Rally (cancelled)

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