1100 HP (may start at less in missions)

Resources required to build

Wormpot option

Number of victory locations

none (requires wormpot option to build)


Not stated


Vital building: Required to build other buildings, you loose if your Stronghold is destroyed.

The Stronghold is the most important building in Worms Forts: Under Siege. Every team begins with one and is where your castle is erected from.

Just like the other buildings, the Stronghold comes in different varieties, like Greek, Egyptian, Medievel and Oriental.


The toughest, biggest building in the game, packing in with a whopping 1100 HP during normal circumstances, but both ally and enemy Strongholds can start with less HP during missions.

Every team begins with one, built at a victory location, and therefore buildable structures may be erected outwards from it. However it is vital that this building does not fall as not only will you lose your fort, but also the team along with it.

Also, unless affected by the Fortpot, every building must have an intact connection of buildings back to the Stronghold as buildings, isolated from this, will automatically be destroyed. This can be chained if a group of outlaying buildings is isolated if a single connected structure is destroyed.

Although it is built at a default location, in certain scenarios each team can build its stronghold wherever it chooses (using up the turn's building construction, but is required to build it before building anything else). This can also be done using the Fortpot in matches.


  • Like every other building in the game, the Stronghold's shape and appearance differs in each Theme.
  • The stronghold is not destroyed if all worms on its team are killed, meaning that all the other buildings also continue existing. This leaves an obstacle for the weapons of remaining teams, and prevents expansion of their forts, but does not allow that team to win, and the stronghold's health meter is not displayed during Hotseat Time.
  • Multiple strongholds can be active at the same time,options needed are: fortpot's option which allows you build Stronghold where you want to, and stockpiling have to be true. Player have to restart round few times (Quit and start again) and then everybody will get another "copy" of Stronghold.
    • Team loses when it doesn't have any Stronghold, not when their first Stronghold get destroyed.

Fortpedia entry

The Stronghold is where your empire begins and it is the strongest building you possess. Unfortunately, all of your buildings must be linked back to here, and will fall down if they're not. Make sure you defend it as much as possible as you will be out of the battle if it is destroyed!


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