The Storm Wizard is an enemy in the second chapter of Worms 4: Mayhem and Worms: Ultimate Mayhem's Story Mode. He appears in Storm The Castle, which is the first mission of the second chapter. He is one of the four wizards that retrieved the Time Machine's missing parts after it crash-landed, and is the first wizard the player must fight. The other wizards in order are the Windy WizardRogue Wizard, and Battle Wizard. The Storm Wizard lives at the top of a stormy castle, and sends his minions (knights) to attack the player's Worms. He keeps the Time Machine piece in a cage next to him.

In this mission, the player must fight the Royal Archers first, which are presumably the castle's guards. Each archer has 30 HP. They only use the Poison Arrow weapon. Once they are defeated, the Storm Wizard arrives and sends his minions, the Royal Knights, to defeat the player. The player must battle both the Royal Knights and the Storm Wizard at the same time. Each knight has 40 HP, while the Storm Wizard has 70 HP. The Storm Wizard is always at the top of the castle and attacks from there. Once they are defeated, the player must use Girders to climb the castle and retrieve the Time Machine piece once they reach the top of the castle. After that, the mission is complete.


These are the accessories for the Storm Wizard.

  • Head: Wizard Purple
  • Eyes: Nothing
  • Face: Professor
  • Hands: Nothing

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