The weapon icon.

Stick Up is a utility which was introduced in Worms Revolution. It has the same effect as Steal from Worms 2: Armageddon.


To activate this utility, you have to open the Weapons Panel and click on it. Then you have to line up beside an enemy Worm and press the Fire Button. A Weapons Panel containing what your enemy has will appear, and you can take any weapon or utility you want, unless it has infinite ammo.


  • Just like Steal, you can only steal one ammo of the selected weapon. For example, if the enemy has 5 Bazookas, you can only take 1 Bazooka from the enemy.
  • Once you have stolen a weapon or a utility, the Commentary Panel on top will always have a message such as "Tut tut, stealing is wrong.".
  • You don't need any DLC pack for Worms Revolution to unlock this weapon as this is already included with the game without the DLC packs, same for Worms Clan Wars and Worms Battlegrounds.
  • This weapon can be quite useful if you are short of weapons. You can use this to steal from your opponents for more weapons. 
  • You can even steal the most powerful weapons, like Boggy B and Concrete Donkey, as long as the weapon is not unlimited in ammo.
  • This utility is useless if every weapon and utility has infinite ammunition.

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