Science Lab
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To increase the power of all weapons

The Science Lab is a building in Worms Forts: Under Siege. Like the HospitalWeapon Factory, and Wonder, it is a Special Building, which is different from the normal siege buildings in the game (TowerKeepCastleCitadel). The Science Lab increases the power of nearly all your weapons by approximately 50% of their original damage each time one is built. They increase the power exponentially (one gives 1.5x base value, two give 2.25x base value), and the blast radius also increases. Once deployed, it cannot be moved or removed. Just like the other buildings, the Science Lab comes in different varieties, like Greek, Egyptian, Medieval and Oriental.

Tips & Tricks

  • Science lab only affects explosive weapons, weapons such like Fire Punch, Earthquake or Nuclear Strike are unaffected (Exceptions: Minigun and Giant Laser).
  • If not destroyed, the chimney of a Science lab can betray its position, so hiding it makes it less effective than trying to hide your Weapon Factory.

Fortapedia Entry

"The Science Lab is one of the most decisive buildings that you can build: quite simply, it increases the damage that all of your weapons do. You will need 4 Victory Locations before you can build one though."


  • The medieval Weapon Factory and Science Lab are the only buildings which aren't team colored, therefore if they don't possess team-colored connection to them, it is hard to distinguish their affiliation.