The Rogue Wizard is an enemy in the second chapter of Worms 4: Mayhem and Worms: Ultimate Mayhems Story Mode. He appears in Rob In The Hood, which is the third mission of the second chapter. He is one of the four wizards that retrieved the Time Machine's missing parts after it crash-landed, and is the third wizard the player must fight. The other wizards in order are the Storm WizardWindy Wizard, and Battle Wizard. The Rogue Wizard lives in "Castle Numbskull", which is the castle that appears in Rob In The Hood. His castle is guarded by bandits. One of the Time Machine's components is stashed deep in the dungeons of his castle.

In this mission, the player must defeat the castle's bandit guards. Each guard has 50 HP. There are also cages in the castle area, and each cage contains a weapon crate with a powerful weapon inside. After the player defeats the guards, the Rogue Wizard appears, and the cages release the crates. The player can collect the crates if they want to. The Rogue Wizard battles the player by himself, just like the Windy Wizard. He has 100 HP. After he is defeated, the mission is complete, and the player's worms can retrieve their Time Machine piece.


  • Head: Wizard Green
  • Eyes: Professor
  • Face: Nothing
  • Hands: Nothing

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