The Rocket Launcher in action.

The Rocket Launcher is an exclusive weapon in Worms Forts: Under Siege, accessible through the Citadel. It is designed as a church organ, with rockets stuffed the sound pipes. When selected, it fires five rockets in a line, which are affected by wind. These rockets are hard to aim, but do extremely high damage.


Big, loud and extremely messy. The Rocket Launcher is truly the most destructive non-God weapon in the game: causing catastrophic damage over a wide berth; Catching unaware enemies by surprise with its substantially powerful area-of-effect rockets.

Hard to aim, and affected by the wind, skilled users of this weapon can totally destroy towers and seriously put dents into bigger buildings; It can even one-shot a worm when a rocket scores a direct hit. The trajectory of the shots is based on the amount of power that is charged up before firing. As a result of this firepower, it is usually rare in quantity and should be spared for exposed wonders, and weakspots in the enemies' defenses.


When you have a packed group of buildings, or worms, use this weapon. The weapon itself is rather inaccurate by why matter when you're going to hit multiple targets at once.

The organ shoots out 5 rockets per volley; each one affected by wind and gravity - be sure to compensate your aim for this! After that, watch as fireworks, and chaos ensues when your shots connect.


  • Strangely the AI forgoes using this weapon - either this as a balancing reason or an oversight during development. Making this rather an exclusive favourite for pyrotechnical human players.

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