Rob in the Hood

Mission Type

8th Mission

Mission Difficulty

Pretty Though

Number of Friendly Worms

3 players

Number of Enemy Worms

3 Infantry+The Wizard


Castles, Rob in The Hood

Enemy Team(s)

Knights and Wizard


20 coins, Rob in The Hood Landscape

Bought In Shop?



Worms 4:Mayhem

Rob in The Hood is the eighth mission in Worms 4: Mayhem Story Mode, and the third mission in the Medieval Chapter. in this mission. You need to defeat the Rogue Wizard and his Worms.

Starting Weapons And Inventories

  1. 10 Bazookas
  2. Infinite Grenades
  3. 6 Shotguns
  4. 3 Poison Arrows
  5. 1 Dynamites
  6. 2 Sheeps
  7. 1 Old Woman
  8. 2 Jet Packs
  9. 1 Starburst
  10. 5 Ninja Ropes
  11. 2 Sniper Rifles
  12. 1 Bubble Trouble
  13. 7 Cluster Bombs
  14. 2 Gas Canister
  15. 1 Land Mine

Tips and Tricks

  • Consider to Save your Jetpacks. use the Ninja Ropes to across the water.
  • Never put Your Worms in the ground when you fight with the Wizard.the Fatkins Strike will easily blows your worms up.
  • To Kill the Wizard.Use the Jetpack to get to the Tower, then bring him down(with explosive, fire punch, shotgun, etc.)


  • The name of the mission is a pun of Robin Hood.

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