Poison Arrow
Type Ranged
Range Charged Projectile
Damage 10 HP Impact
3 HP/round Poison
Additional effects Inflicts Poison
Appears in Worms 4: Mayhem
Affected by

The Poison Arrow is a ranged attrition-damage weapon added as part of Worms 4: Mayhem. The arrow is tipped with a canister of noxious vapors that bursts when it collides with a solid object (Terrain, Barrel, or Worm) poisoning any worms that happen to be nearby. Like all poison-based damage, the poison lingers indefinitely, whittling away 10 HP on every turn (Both on yours and your enemies') until the victim or victims are reduced to a single point of health. Since it stabs into whatever it hits and stays there, it is easier to use than the Gas Canister, as that weapon can roll and bounce.

Health Packs will cure poisoning in addition to adding their prescribed amount of HP.

'Who broke my heart? You did, you did'. If there's a large group of enemy worms very close to each other, 'Shoot
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Poison Arrow in action

that Poison Arrow'. Try to shoot the Arrow into the middle of enemy worms, or as near as you can. The ten points a worm will lose in between turns can soon add up quickly.

Also the Poison Arrow can have a great deal of power when launched over great distances. Try using this when an enemy target is out of reach of a lot of other weapons.

Using the Poison Arrow

  • (Xbox) Use the left thumbstick to face the desired direction, and use the right thumbstick to adjust your firing angle. Press and hold the A Button to charge your shot, and release A to fire.

CAUTION: This weapon can poison friendly worms!

Tips & Tricks

  • If the Wormpot setting is on "Vampire Worm", using Poison Arrow and Gas Canister will make the vampire worm get health overtime until his victims are cured, similar to Worship.

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