Physics Objects are large items in the environment which can be moved and even destroyed by interaction from Worms. They first appeared in Worms Revolution. If a Physics Object is damaged, it can be repaired with the Wrench.

Uses & Effects

All Physics Objects have the same uses when they are intact (with one exception, detailed below). They can be used as platforms, temporary cover, targets for Ninja Ropes, or even weapons. All Physics Objects can also be picked up and moved by the Telekinesis (limited range) and UFO (infinite range) utilities, and will fall if placed in the air (any Worms which they fall on will take a small amount of damage).

The most important difference between variants of Physics Objects is their effects when they are destroyed. Based on these differences, they can be divided into four groups:

  1. Inert Objects — Destroying these will have no extra effects.
  2. Water Objects — These objects will release a large quantity of water when destroyed.
  3. Explosive Objects — These objects will violently explode when destroyed (in the manner of Oil Drums), producing fire and heavily damaging nearby Worms.
  4. Poison Objects — Destroying these will release a large (wind-affected) cloud of poison, and even merely damaging one will release a small poison cloud. Additionally, any Worm which is standing on such an object between turns will be poisoned.

List of Variants

Depending on the environment chosen by the player at the start of a match, each type of object will have one or more variants. This has no effect on gameplay unless the object's shape is changed.

In Worms Revolution

Environment Object Type
Sewer Rev-Mushroom Mushroom Poison
Rev-Flashlight Flashlight Inert
Rev-Spanner Spanner Inert
Rev-Hip Flask Hip Flask Water
Rev-Unexploded Bomb Unexploded Bomb Explosive
Beach Rev-Pufferfish Pufferfish Poison
Rev-Seashell Seashell Inert
Rev-Mobile Phone Mobile Phone Inert
Rev-Water Bottle Water Bottle Water
Rev-Lighter Lighter Explosive
Spooky Rev-Test Tube Test Tube Poison
Rev-Monster Bolt Monster Bolt Inert
Rev-Petri Dish Petri Dish Inert
Rev-Conical Flask Conical Flask Water
Rev-Volt Meter Volt Meter Explosive
Farmyard Rev-Rat Poison Rat Poison Poison
Rev-Horse-shoe Horse-shoe Inert
Rev-Paintbrush Paintbrush Inert
Rev-Clay Jug Clay Jug Water
Rev-Lighter Fluid Lighter Fluid Explosive
Funfair Rev-Stink Bomb Stink Bomb Poison
Rev-Chocolate Bar Chocolate Bar Inert
Rev-Lollipop Lollipop Inert
Rev-Water Pistol Water Pistol Water
Rev-Firework Firework Explosive
Mars Rev-Fuel Rod Fuel Rod Poison
Rev-Rover Wheel Rover Wheel Inert
Rev-Robot Claw Robot Claw Inert
Rev-Juice Carton Juice Carton Water
Rev-Battery Battery Explosive
Medieval Rev-Poison Vial Poison Vial Poison
Rev-Horse-shoe-2 Horse-shoe Inert
Rev-Wood Block Wood Block Inert
Rev-Water Vessel Water Vessel Water
Rev-Flintlock Pistol Flintlock Pistol Explosive
Scrapyard Rev-Toxic Canister Toxic canister Poison
Rev-Pliers Pliers Inert
Rev-Hot air gun Hot air gun Inert
Rev-Anti-freeze Anti-freeze Water
Rev-Car Battery Car Battery Explosive

In Worms Clan Wars

Environment Object Type
Feudal Japan
Industrial Revolution

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