Campaign mission 6
Mission Type Deathmatch
Difficulty Easy
Number of Friendly Worms 3
Number of Enemy Worms 2
Landscape World War 1
Enemy Teams Soldiers
Reward 300 credits
Bought in Shop? No
Game Worms: Open Warfare 2
Worms: Open Warfare 2 campaign mission 6 is a mission for less inexperienced players.

In-game description

Reports are in that enemy recon are hiding out and intend to scupper any plans we have of a future attack. See that they are dismissed immediately. Over.


After defeating the Pirates, this mission will have two worms who have 100 and 62 HP. You will have three worms than the four worms, all combined having 230 HP. There is a utility crate near your third worm and a weapon crate near your first worm. The mission can be completed with 1/2/3 attempts.


  • Prod x infinite (0)
  • Jetpack x 1 (0) + 1 > utility crate

Tips & Tricks

  • Use Bazookas/Dynamites/Grenades (for more challenging into launching the fuse detonation time).
  • This mission uses most of the Jetpack to create near damage. Use Ropes if you want to challenge yourself.
  • Use Firepunch/Dragonball to create fall damage.
  • You can make a combo attack in this mission.

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