Campaign mission 5
Mission Type Puzzle
Difficulty Easy
Number of Friendly Worms 1
Number of Enemy Worms 1
Landscape Pirates
Enemy Teams Pirates
Reward 300 credits
Bought in Shop? No
Game Worms: Open Warfare 2

In-game description

At last, you tracked down the mighty Cap'n Plank! Don't be too complacent though, there's still much to do. Now go take out that scoundrel!


In this mission you will fight a worm named Cap'n Plank the boss who has the same health as your first worm, which is the default worm health (100). This is the first mission to have utility crates. This will be your first puzzle campaign mission and uses utilities only. You will have no damage on this mission. The mission can be completed with 1/2/3 attempts. This is the last Pirates campaign mission.


  • Girder x 3 (0) + 1 > seventh utility crate
  • Blowtorch x 1 > first utility crate + 1 > fourth utility crate + 1 > fifth utility crate
  • Jetpack x 1 > second utility crate + 1 > sixth utility crate
  • Rope x 1 > third utility crate
  • Dynamite x 1 > weapon crate


Use girders first, then jetpack your way to the fourth utility crate. Blowtorches are to be used to dig through terrain and enter and fifth and sixth utility crate. Fly again with your jetpack to the seventh utility crate and finally a weapon crate. Bring out the Dynamite to the furthest oil drum from your opponent and Cap'n Plank will be launched off to the sea.

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