Campaign mission 4
Mission Type Deathmatch
Difficulty Very easy
Number of Friendly Worms 4
Number of Enemy Worms 3
Landscape Pirates
Enemy Teams Pirates
Reward 300 credits
Bought in Shop? No
Game Worms: Open Warfare 2

In-game description

As you track down Cap'n Plan, you need to remove the final line of enemy resistance in order to capture him. Good luck!


In this mission you will fight 3 worms with 125 HP combined. Your team's HP is 223. This will be your first time in using the Rope. There is a health crate containing 25 HP near your first worm. The mission can be completed with 1/2/3 attempts.


  • Prod x infinite (0)

Tips & Tricks

  • This mission is easier than the third campaign mission. Use bazookas and grenades.
  • This mission uses the Rope for the least time taken to travel on killing some worms.

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