The Professor is repairing the damaged Time Machine, but an army is hot on your group's trail! You have to fend them off for 15 minutes.


(Professor Worminkle is seen standing next to his damaged Time Machine, on top of a mountain. His students are down below, on a castle.)

M- Oh no!

- The inverse gravity well is fluxed.


M- Oh, troublesome student. What?

(sees incoming fireball)

- Oooh, that's pretty...

(fireball hits the castle below and explodes)

- *cough* *cough* Great Scott!

- For Newton's sake, what's going on?

P- It's a battle sir!

- Eek!

(enemy taunts and laughs at the player's worms, and then fires again)


(another fireball hits castle and explodes again)

M- Don't just stand there!

- Fire back you fool!

P- Rght you are.

- Ready... Aim... FIRE!

(archers fire several explosive arrows at an enemy worm)

E- Oh 'eck!

(the arrows hit the enemy worm and explodes)

P- Let's give them another volley, lads!

- Ready... Aim... FIRE!

(archers fire more explosive arrows at another enemy worm)

E- Mother.

(the arrows hit the enemy worm and explodes again)

- (another enemy worm) Grrr.

P- We could use a little help down here!

M- No, no...

- I don't have time for your minor quarrels!

- I must repair the Time Machine, pronto.

P- But Sir!

M- I task you to deal with the enemy...

- And keep your eye on those catapults.

- Now, I want no more interruptions...

- From you or them!

- This is very delicate work you know.

P- Fine.

- Let's do all the things YOU want to do.

M- Hold off the enemy for FIFTEEN minutes...

- I'll have it fixed by then.

- And keep an eye on the enemy...

- They will just keep attacking.

(Cutscene ends, and battle commences.)

G- Kill the catapult worm!

- Kill the catapult worm!

- Success!

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