Mordred and Morgana are the main antagonists of the final chapter of Story Mode in Worms Forts: Under Siege. The final level is a reference to the last battle, in which King Arthur was fatally wounded.

Mordred (a knight) is King Arthur's son, and Morgana (a witch) appears to be Mordred's mother. In the final mission, Morgana uses her magic to protect Mordred's Stronghold (and Mordred too), so the player must make a connection between two Statues, and also defeat Mordred's Stronghold and his minions. Merlin assists the player. After the connection is made and the enemy Worms and their Stronghold are eradicated, Merlin uses a Rhino to destroy Morgana, leaving Mordred unprotected. Then Mordred is defeated and killed by King Arthur, but not before Mordred deals a fatal blow to King Arthur, ultimately killing him. However, the Kingdom is saved.

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