Lord Crowley-Mesmer is the main antagonist and final boss of Worms Clan Wars and Worms Battlegrounds. He is a malignant stage hypnotist who managed to procure the ancient Stone Carrot (which is what the Concrete Donkey used to create the Worms universe, according to the game's intro) from the museum and uses the limitless power of the Stone Carrot to enhance his hypnotic abilities and provide him with other kinds of strange powers, and is hellbent on taking over the museum and the world. His only known weakness is the Golden Child of Wormlore, a young Worm with odd telekinetic powers which he could use to put a lock on Mesmer's influence. The player's goal is to defeat each of Mesmer's hypnotized goons and Mesmer himself in order to "save Wormkind". The player controls only the Golden Child of Wormlore in the final mission, "Dire Consequences", in order to defeat Mesmer and his remaining goons.

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