Resources required to build

N/A (not buildable)

Number of victory locations

N/A (not buildable)


tall and narrow, no access to top without help from landscape.


Build buidings in otherwise inaccesable locations.

The Lighthouse is a building which appears in Worms Forts: Under Siege.


The Lighthouse always comes in pairs, which are situated somewhere close in the landscape. When a building is constructed next to a lighthouse, the building connects to the lighthouse, and the lighthouse and its twin light up with the team color. The team can construct buildings next to either Lighthouse. This is used to enable the player to extend their fort past an uneven/steep/blocked space, like a river or a hill.


  • The lighthouse remains gray until it is connected to a fort. Then, it will receive the color of the team who connect it.
  • It is neither constructable or destructable, and is only featured in some single player missions. Or multiplayer maps made by community.
  • Just like the other buildings, the Lighthouse comes in different varieties, like Greek, Egyptian, Medievel and Oriental. Altrough difference between them are other colours of "ground" they're standing on.

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