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In-game Oriental Keep




Stronger than the Tower

Resources required to build


Number of victory locations





To use Tier 3 weaponry

The Keep is a building in Worms Forts: Under Siege. It is the stronger version of the Tower. It uses Tier 3 weapons. Just like the other buildings, the Keep comes in different varieties, like Greek, Egyptian, Medievel and Oriental.

The Keep rotates automatically to connect to any adjacent walls as necessary. Once deployed, the Keep may not be moved or removed.


Tougher and more resilient than the Tower. The Keep is the ideal second layer defense against key connections within your fort. It is within plentiful supply. As you can have up to 7 Keeps to your fort.

Requiring 2 Victory Locations to build, the Keep is where you can deploy the larger tier-3 weapons to one-up your enemies' measily tier-2 weaponry and such can soak up a lot of damage from such. It is also higher than the tower so you can safely deploy your arsenal behind a wall of frail Towers.

However, due to their size, its a harder target to miss and stronger weapons can put one down fairly easily. But don't be disheartened. They can be used as the vanguard of the fort, protecting the softer interior of your fort from attack.


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