Inflatable Scouser
Type Animal
Range Anywhere
Damage About 40-50
Additional effects Picks up the victim and drops them back to the ground
Appears in Worms 4: Mayhem and Worms: Ultimate Mayhem
Affected by

The Inflatable Scouser is a walking weapon which was introduced in Worms 4: Mayhem. It later reappeared in its sequel, Worms: Ultimate Mayhem.


The Inflatable Scouser appears as a human doll, which, when released, walks/jumps across the stage. It will initially move straight ahead, though its user can alter its course using the WASD keys. When it collides with a worm, the worm is absorbed and gets carried up into the air (affected by wind) until the scouser bursts.

Tips and Tricks

  • Used on a worm near the water with the wind blowing towards the water, the scouser will fly up and drop the worm to its doom.
  • Skilled players can even use the Inflatable Scouser to move their own worms around the landscape, though they should still be mindful of the drop.


  • If the Inflatable Scouser has not picked up a worm after a certain period of time, a fuse will begin. After the fuse has ended, the Inflatable Scouser will simply pop like a balloon, which doesn't cause any damage to worms.
  • If the Inflatable Scouser is met with an obstacle, it will turn around and walk back to where it came from, often resulting in the worm who used it being picked up and dropped, meaning the user must be precise and careful when releasing the Inflatable Scouser.
  • If an enemy worm stands too close to a wall, the Inflatable Scouser often explodes before it starts to rise.
  • The Inflatable Scouser is one of the few weapons that can collect crates. The others are Sheep, Super Sheep, Mole, Skunk and Old Woman.
  • As hinted in its name, the Inflatable Scouser originated from Liverpool, England.


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