Holy War

Number of Teams


Worms per Team


Weapons and Utilities

Few unlimited and several limited weapons and utilities

In Games

Worms Armageddon only

Holy War is a gamestyle first featured in Worms Armageddon. It is built around usage of the Holy Hand Grenade.


Holy War is a scheme in Worms Armageddon. Players will be given an unlimited supply of Holy Hand Grenades to kill worms with. No other weapons which can deal damage are provided at the start.

Players are also given unlimited supplies of the following utilities:

Utility Crates which contain Jetpack, Crate Shower, Crate Spy, and Invisibility can appear during this scheme. When weapon crates appear (which is rare), they will always contain a superweapon due to a unique crate probability quirk. This rule doesn't apply to weapon crates that appear from Crate Showers.


Holy War (Common version for blank maps)

Holy War (Run's version; no select worm, no parachute, no retreat time, no health crates)

Tips & Tricks

  • The first few turns of the game, you can spam the map with girders, building funnels, bridges, blocking shots and, for the more insidious player, imprisoning enemy worms in tight spaces.
  • If there's is another girder under the one your worm is standing on and an opponent worm is on the same girder as you (or on one that is really close), it is possible to kill the opponent worm while your worm survives. First, you have to aim the Holy Hand Grenade down and fire it. Do not move from your position. After the blast, the opponent worm will fly away and probably drown, but your worm will fall on the girder below and survive. Of course, the blast reduces your life points considerably, so this trick only works if your worm is healthy enough. If you move your worm a bit in any direction after you dropped the grenade but before it explodes, your worm will fly in steep angle, so if the girder below isn't exactly under your worm, you can still make sure it will survive. This requires practice and a bit of luck, though.

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